Scion Heroes, The Vegas Shuffle



You adventurers, are few of the remaining scions in the world. The world has been devastated by the clashes of gods and many people both magical and mortal have died in the struggle. The attempted wipe-out of all Scions in the world has now been deemed as “the massacre”. This tragedy saw 80% of the worlds scions being hunted down so that the gods had no communication with the world. The pain of every scion that died could be felt by their god as a link between a father and child. Having just been discovered again by your own pantheons they elect for a council to be summoned in order to negotiate peace between themselves for they are being hard pressed by the titan uprising. You have been chosen to represent your gods in this diplomatic matter. (Adventurers must remember that these gods left you alone in the world with no explanation, you can either forgive or hate, up to you).This chaos MUST come to an end if they need to survive and co-exist without wiping out more worshippers (from which they will lose power).

One of the few remaining havens in the United States of America, Las Vegas, has been designated to hold the council of the gods. You have been asked to bring a symbol of your god; for most it is a banner that holds the spirit of your forefather. You respectively get to Vegas. You have to find the Foundation Hotel and Bailo and say the pass phrase; Chaos only inspires hate. what do you do?



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