Voodoo Pantheon


In her Petro nation aspect as Erzulie Dantor she is often depicted as a scarred and buxom black woman, holding a child protectively in her arms. She is a particularly fierce protector of women and children. She is often identified with lesbian women.

A common syncretic depiction of Erzulie Dantor is St. Jeanne D’Arc, who is displayed carrying or supporting a sword. Another is as the Black Madonna of CzÄ™stochowa, as she is represented as being dark-skinned. Her colours are red, gold and navy blue. Her symbols are a pierced heart and knives or swords. Her favourite sacrifices include black pigs, griot (seasoned fried pork), and rum.

The scars on her cheek are said to be the result of a fight between her and Erzulie Freda over possession of Ti-Jean Petro, as the two are fierce rivals. The cuts shown on her face in the syncretic reproductions are matches to the surface damage on the Black Madonna’s face in the original icon.



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